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Note: if you see yourself in any of these questions, please understand you are not the only ones that have asked them.

As I make my way through my family and friends telling them about my Camino, I get asked many very interesting questions.

Now most of the time these questions are coming from people who:

  • (a) don’t go outside;
  • (b) don’t walk around the block
  • (c) apparently don’t realize that Spain is bigger than they thought.

The most prevalent question was:  Do you have good shoes?  My immediate first thought is shoes?  I need shoes?  Really thanks for thinking about that for me.

Usually after I answer about the shoes, they ask “Are they broken in real well?”  Again I think you mean I should actually put them on my feet BEFORE I leave? Who knew?

The next most popular question is: “500 miles, how far is that?”  I usually answer 500 miles. They respond not but really how far is that?  And again I say 500 miles.

Then the last question: “Is Spain 500 miles across?”  My response is usually: “no we just walk all the way across until we hit the ocean and keep going until we get to 500 miles.

Then without fail comes: “Well if you keep walking what country is on the other side of Spain?  I respond USA.  The looks from that answer usually stop the questions.

So thanks to all of my family and friends!


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