Signs of Life

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Signs of Life

From under the rubble of this earthquake know as this current year of my life, I sit and wait… for… aftershocks. I reflect on how all of this started a few short months ago. I wanted a change. But for me a change is like purchasing and wearing a brown pair of slacks or ordering something different from my the menu of my favorite restaurant. What I have gotten is cataclysmic. The cost for me has been 2 people very dear to me (through movement), 2 places I have called home (this year), my business, 4 cats (1 to death), 2 dogs, my home town (too much sadness for me here), and every ounce of physical and emotional energy just to keep walking. I knew the Camino would be expensive but I really hope that I have paid my bill in full.

I am clear that for me to do what I need to do in my life now is no longer here in my hometown. And so I must move on.. Since this decision the aftershocks come… I wonder around the house – fall apart- get up – make the bed, wonder around the house- fall apart- get up – brush my teeth. I am sure you get the picture. To me this is the courageous part of the journey. To see and know what is ahead – fear it with every ounce of my being (and want it even less) but going there by putting one foot in front of the other. One dreaded step at a time. Yes I know they get easier – but that is in time- and now is not that time.

So in thinking about all of this I thought of you – all of you -both known and unknown to me. The people that have read this blog and shared with me my most challenging and personal journey. I can only hope that by you seeing and feeling with me that in some small way you were able to see a bit out of your darkness. For I know without this there would have been no light at all for me. Through you and this blog I have found my voice, my calling. (yes I do know that I’ve never been accused of not having a voice). I am going to continue to write this blog as I move down my path. I hope you decide to continue to read it. While I was in Spain I wrote several pages of topics I wanted to cover but did not the time to get to them all. I would love and encourage you to give me feedback or thoughts on my blog (now or in the future) for without you this is just me rambling to air and I do enough of that already. (I know, I know – I talk a lot).
Again I want to say how deeply humbled and appreciative of how each of you supported and continue to support me in this…. well… I guess it’s my life. How grateful I am.


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Bonnie Canal

Bonnie Canal, MBCP is an internationally recognized leader in both community and business resilience innovations and strategies. This is achieved by engaging the entire business’s entire organization and with a keen focus on the key leadership personnel.Bonnie has over 30 years’ experience the Information Technology Sector with the last 12 specializing in Business Resilience.

Bonnie was inducted into the Order of the Sword & Shield National Honor Society at St. John’s University, New York City for her work in Business Resilience.

Bonnie is Past Chair of the Association of Contingency Planners where she served for 6 years.

She is a proud native of New Orleans and has experienced what she calls, “The Katrina, Rita, Ike, Gustav, and BP Oil Spill” disasters first hand. She has had to learn how being resilience leaders and businesses to increased performance, achieve stronger relationships, and build mental toughness that we all need in today’s ever increasing busy world.
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