So another day of 18 miles

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So Another Day of 18 Miles

The path continued down the mountains.  Today was a day of allowing.  Allowing the path to take me on its journey.  Although it was still up and down, we had a glorious day in the woods.  I find it interesting that last night we visited God in his church and today we were in God´s temple, outdoors. Both so glorious!

I never knew I could be this tired and quite so sore at the exact same time.  However seeing my friends along the way was a treat indeed.  At the end of the day there was no room at the inn (you can make the connection if you want) so I had to take a taxi to Pamplona (the city that continues to call me).  So we missed about 18 miles of the journey.  (that was tomorrow´s walk)  But along the way the path allowed me to think, to let go and recognize it´s not the number of miles or even number of steps, it´s just the next step that counts.

Note:  Because the pain is so bad in my calves and feet there will be another day of rest here in Pamplona.  (apparently my new hometown in Spain)

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