Somewhere in the Pyrenees

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Somewhere in the Pyrenees

Ok first of all when they call the Pyrenees Mountain, they really mean mountains.  They do not mean Monkey Hill or levees around the lake or river, the mean mountains.  At this time I am 4000 feet above sea level.  Who knew there was even air here or that I would not need an oxygen mask.

I told some of my new friends that if they found me dead in the mountains to leave me there for the wolves and eagles to eat (as I am especially taste, not too much muscle yet) and where they may find to the good stuff to take with them.  So no matter what people say, my opinion is now mountains are mountains.

I have been walking uphill since 7:45 am and it´s now 1:30.  And I have gone 9.30 miles.  But most importantly I have not quit.  I know the Camino is a lesson in letting go, but today it is a lesson in allowing and striving.  And eagle flies overhead and I am on top of a mountain.  Sheep wander through and their bells are a lovely background sound.

As I sit in the grass with the sun on my face, I really do wonder why am I here.  What do I hope to receive at the end and at the end was all of this pain worth it?  But those are the same questions we ask ourselves at our lives in general.  So in many ways the Camino is a symbol of our lives just in a quicker time frame and all on foot.  We shall see where it leads us, yes? There is only one way down one foot in front of another…

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Bonnie Canal

Bonnie Canal, MBCP is an internationally recognized leader in both community and business resilience innovations and strategies. This is achieved by engaging the entire business’s entire organization and with a keen focus on the key leadership personnel.Bonnie has over 30 years’ experience the Information Technology Sector with the last 12 specializing in Business Resilience.

Bonnie was inducted into the Order of the Sword & Shield National Honor Society at St. John’s University, New York City for her work in Business Resilience.

Bonnie is Past Chair of the Association of Contingency Planners where she served for 6 years.

She is a proud native of New Orleans and has experienced what she calls, “The Katrina, Rita, Ike, Gustav, and BP Oil Spill” disasters first hand. She has had to learn how being resilience leaders and businesses to increased performance, achieve stronger relationships, and build mental toughness that we all need in today’s ever increasing busy world.
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