You Have Got to be Kidding Me!

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You Have Got to be Kidding Me!

Somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean – the pilot comes over the PA system and announces we have a problem….

After a nice dinner the night before I left, the night ended in a disaster.  Why does fear push us to do and say things we later regret? I slept fitfully for 5 hours and decided to catch the Canal Street Ferry to see the sun rise over New Orleans.  Since I have seen the city gently pass from day to night I thought it would be a perfect beginning today to see the city I love so much awaken.  Still unable to completely put together thoughts and words about the night before I leave on my adventure.  Have you ever experienced a complete sense of regret for the things you have done and failed to do?  Not the kind where you are just sorry – but the kind that tears your heart out? I mean to the core regret.  Mine hit me somewhere over Alabama…. Tears of sadness flow…

The pilot continues on the PA system – although it´s a serious problem we are not in any immediate danger.  (my first thought is – right like you would really tell us we have 45 seconds to live).  He continues 1 out of our 3 navigation systems has gone down and since it´s my main source for navigation, we are returning to Philadelphia.  The irony of the situation was not lost on me.  Our pilot is lost somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean minus 1 navigation system and I am lost in my life without 1 of mine.  (mental navigation = check, emotional navigation = wobbly but check, spiritual navigation = hello spiritual?  anyone out there. OK so no check there)  The Atlantic is dark out my window and my fear is now rampant. 

Finally the lights of Philadelphia appear – back where I started.

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Bonnie Canal

Bonnie Canal, MBCP is an internationally recognized leader in both community and business resilience innovations and strategies. This is achieved by engaging the entire business’s entire organization and with a keen focus on the key leadership personnel.Bonnie has over 30 years’ experience the Information Technology Sector with the last 12 specializing in Business Resilience.

Bonnie was inducted into the Order of the Sword & Shield National Honor Society at St. John’s University, New York City for her work in Business Resilience.

Bonnie is Past Chair of the Association of Contingency Planners where she served for 6 years.

She is a proud native of New Orleans and has experienced what she calls, “The Katrina, Rita, Ike, Gustav, and BP Oil Spill” disasters first hand. She has had to learn how being resilience leaders and businesses to increased performance, achieve stronger relationships, and build mental toughness that we all need in today’s ever increasing busy world.
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